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I was updating from Version 10 to Version 11 and during compiling, this error arises:

Pokémon: Ultramarine Version Alpha 0.125
Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Undefined value Black2 in PBTrainers

File PBS/metadata.txt, section 0, key PlayerA


Compiler:1595:in `checkEnumField'

Compiler:1619:in `csvEnumField!'

Compiler:526:in `pbGetCsvRecord'

Compiler:472:in `each'

Compiler:472:in `pbGetCsvRecord'

Compiler:792:in `pbCompileMetadata'

Compiler:763:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine'

Compiler:615:in `each_line'

Compiler:615:in `pbCompilerEachCommentedLine'

Compiler:612:in `open'

This exception was logged in 

C:\Users\Home\Saved Games/Pokémon_ Ultramarine Version Alpha 0_125/errorlog.txt.

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What have I done wrong? Thanks.

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