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1-8: In a Nutshell? Raiso Blows Up.

“Okay. You’re taking the reasonable approach. That’s understandable. But there are flaws in your logic.”

Raiso’s mood had quickly shifted. It was no longer the happy, cheery mood it had been before; no, at this moment his old anger for the underground and criminality came back, practically like a dust storm creeping upon a old Western town. Memories flooded in, and Raiso was left with a serious frown and a glare harsher than ever. Of course, he didn't ignore Willow, or Ike; but he attended to more important things first- the objection.

“First of all, I don’t know about you, but I have no returning to any professor to do; however that is your business and not mine. I have had all the time in the world to do what needed to get done, already have it done...” he simmered down. “Sorry. I’ve been remembering something...” Raiso looked away. “Don’t worry about it. But seriously. Fine, if you have to return to the professor, that you may do so. Second, what’s up with this supposed long walk? Is there anything wrong with exercise? It takes a bit over an hour to traverse; not that long in my opinion. Then again, I do a lot of hiking often.”

Raiso stopped, clenching his fists. “And I’m sorry if I seem naive to you, as I have to many, but what happened to teamwork? You’re not alone, I’m not alone, not one of us 15 is. Unless you want to be. And this stuff about us being weak; what do you think we should do? Sit around as some criminal takes more lives and overruns Jubilife?” Raiso looked up and glared, and even though he was still in control of himself, he was still angry. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to stand for it. Maybe you’re too young to understand. Maybe you don’t know the underground as well as I do... in fact, you probably don’t. Or perhaps it’s the fact you haven’t seen the situation like I do. Which, by the way, is loads of Grimers. And fine, like I addressed before, we’re all weak. We may not all be starting trainers like you claimed, but yeah, we are. And I’ll admit that, even though I’ve already participated in both a trainer battle and caught a Pokemon.”

Raiso rubbed his right eye, and putting his hand back down onto his side, he said, “So what do you suggest we do? Anyone really, what do you suggest? Do we go back to Rowan, which’ll probably help with advice and a TM? Which would be cool, so I’m okay with that. Do we train knowing that there’s something astray? At that rate, any major training and the situation slowly gets worse... maybe when we’re done training, they’ve gotten stronger and are almost invading Sandgem! Or do we just mope here about how we can’t supposedly accomplish anything, or at least much?”

Raiso laid back and inhaled, then rapidly exhaled. “Don’t take too long. Depending on what happens, I may have to choose a new course of action. And sorry if I seemed rude in any way.” He finished his sandwich and waited for a response.
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