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    Elene Merlin
    Girl's Dorm
    A scoff held itself in Elene's throat as her roommate raised the question of her Vampiric form, followed by the slow revelation of her own nature. It was something peculiar, though not eyebrow raising, and not something she'd expected. Now her brief task was to figure out just what kind of Vampire her roommate was; one that knew of her own prowess, or a fool who fell into all the entrapments of mortals or other weaker Youkai. Being one of the few Youkai that possessed a human form naturally, instead of learning it through the tutelage of the school, the former was frustratingly common in all of the history that Elene had read up on, and especially in some of the more modern fiction that made bile rise in her throat; a body liquid she did not even possess.

    "A pleasure to meet you, Nami Kyuuketsuki." Elene greeted her roommate with perfect pronunciation, as she tossed her brush into an open drawer with perfect precision, along with a spin that allowed her to see the girl without the veil of reflection. "I am Marilyn Elene, of the family Merlin, and you may call me any of those names." Her footsteps against the dormroom floor were silent, as her weight was shifted and balanced in just the perfect way to allow her quiet movements, until she stood just a few inches away from Nami, far too close for comfort, and looked her straight in the eye. "Indeed, we are roommates, and I think we're going to have a lot of fun together." She flashed a grin that showed her wicked fangs, before spinning on her heel and approaching her mirror.

    There was no uncertainty in Elene's mind that the girl was not of her caliber. She was forgetful, not in control of her reactions, and possessed a penchant for stating the obvious. These were all flaws in her personality that could be removed, with enough training, as she supposed that Nami would be interested in becoming her friend. If not, there was always manipulation, especially if she proved too sentimental. Regardless, the judgements were a little too swift for somebody who had only spoken a few words, so the Vampire reported once again to her violin case and smiled warmly at her roommate.

    "I hope you don't mind, but I like to practice my violin whenever I get the chance to. In return, you may feel free to touch any of my," Marilyn's. "Computer systems. If not, we'll have to come to some form of arrangement. Until then, why don't you tell me about yourself?" She asked, unclasping her violin case and retrieving an unfinished music sheet that lied within. She retrieved her fine ink pen, and proceeded to scribe theriver of her muse across the ivory sheets. Her crimson eyes didn't leave Nami for even a second.
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