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Originally Posted by beautifly1992 View Post
I hope I not bugging you but I found a bug in the game when I was moving my deerling and zorua in the box I clicked the shift button and the both disappeared kinda annoyed as zorua cost me 3000 I cant get it back now damn.
Bugs reports is a good way to help me to improve this game, so thanks for the report, but I can't replicate this bug here. Can you, please, give more details?

Originally Posted by Scorpiopt View Post
found this they are porting rpg maker to android hope you take a look
Thank you, but, like the author said, the engine isnt production ready right now, there is a lot of manual work involed still. I don't know the collateral effects that this conversion may generates (like huge lag), but I will take a better look at this.
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