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Hey jd is it okay if I only use a Scyther and Venusaur in my Green challenge on Pokemon Red? I know Bellsprout is in this generation, but it's not available on Red.

Anyways, my update is as follows;
  • Picked Bulbasaur and named him DINO because
  • Smothered Brock
  • Made it through the Rocket Area in Mt Moon without a problem
  • Beat Misty and my rival at Nuget Bridge
  • Made it to the S.S Anne where I got the HM for cut
  • Won against Lt. Surge
  • Got through Rock Tunnel and paved my way to Celadon
  • Decided to beat the Rockets and get past Snorlax
  • Got to Fuschia City where I immediately went to the Safari Zone
  • After MUCH bad luck and MANY hours of gameplay I finally caught a Scyther and named him Hamlet
  • Now, I am training to take on Erika.


And the team so far:

DINO the Venusaur
Lvl. 50
- Body Slam
- Poisonpowder
- Leech Seed
- Razor Leaf

HAMLET the Syther
Lvl. 35
- Quick Attack
- Leer
- Swords Dance
- Slash

Currently training Hamlet and omg all he knows are normal-typed moves! It's okay because every.single.attack is a critical hit lol. Right now, he's my favorite.

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