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Originally Posted by Musica View Post
You have a lot of Ice attack weakness. You should decide between Garchomp or Haxorus. Garchomp has more Speed, while Haxorus has more brute force. Since you have Arcanine to threaten Grass-types that otherwise would wall Jolteon, you can just use HP Ice to get rid of the likes of Dugtrio, other Dragons bar Kingdra, Landorus, and Gliscor. If you dislike Gastrodon, Swampert, or Quagsire, you can use HP Grass instead. For its Held Item, you can use Life Orb for that 30% increase in attack, but would wear down Jolteon. Another item is Expert Belt, but that would rely on prediction since it only powers up your moves if you call for a super effective attack. Wise Glasses is good since it boosts all Special Attacks by 10%, but Life Orb powers up any attack by 30%, while Expert Belt powers super effective moves by 20%
Thats kinda what starmie would be for. Would cottonee or Lilligant help?

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