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Cheryll Renee Moreau

Cheryll looked at the boy as she wiped away her tears, she listened to him tell her that he wasn't angry, then she heard him mention what he did for his sister when he was younger before finally asking if she was upset about her knee. "Umm..." she tried to start talking but was feeling so shy and insecure she had no idea what to say. "n-no m-my knee's fine" she managed to get out after several moments of an awkward silence. Which she fell back into right away. Why did they have to send me here...I have no idea how to talk to other people, to people I don't know she thought frustrated and sad. "I...I just..." she tried but cut herself off again as she brushed a piece of her white blonde hair out of her face and fixed her glasses yet again. Cheryll was kinda hoping it was becoming obvious to the older boy that she really didn't know much about talking to others.

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