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    Been a while since I updated...

    Quick version - finished Route 16 habitat list, did Route 5, went to Driftveil, did the stuff around the city, went in with Leavanny, Lilligant, Azumarill and a newly evolved Vaporeon and demolished Clay's gym (great design - I like the new gym much better than the old one). Up onto Route 6, caught everything, got the Fly and Surf HMs, flew home and worked my way back, exploring all the water routes I'd passed along the way, all the way through to Mistralton Cave (and filled out all the habitat lists along the way). While I was working on the Sewers, avoiding Grimers and looking for a Muk, I happened to talk to the guy on Thumb Pier and found out that the sewers are inaccessible in some seasons, so after I was done with Mistralton Cave, I decided that I'd better go back and finish up my Eevee collection. Spent a couple of days just turning circles in the garden, not even battling anything - just running from everything that wasn't an Eevee. Finally accumulated four good ones (I had already caught three before), mostly neutral or at least not punishing natures and with one Modest that was going to be (and now is) an Espeon. Finished that up the other day, and I've spent the last couple of days evolving them and leveling them up, and am currently traveling with five eeveelutions and Crobat, with two more Eevees in a box, waiting to become Leafeon and Glaceon. All the habitat lists are complete except for Routes 16 and 5, since I haven't yet evolved either of my Minccinos - the female Technician I caught originally or the male Skill Link I got in the Hidden Grotto. I might take the time to do that before I set out for Chargestone Cave, but it's not pressing, since there's no reason to take a Cinccino through there with me anyway. Once I get the Eeveelutions where I want them, I'll rummage through the boxes and put together a team for Chargestone Cave and see if anyone needs some grinding or EV training or new moves or whatnot...