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    Julyanne "Julian" Eigis

    "I'm not being reasonable. I'm being realistic." That is the first thing Julyanne said as she let the boy finish, her voice even. "What I don't get is that why you are being rash about this. Stop and think. We are here to stop the organization, and we won't do that by biting on a schmuck bait."

    She pushed her sister to the lobby, out of the argument that might grow into something more. "Haven't you thought that they might split us up into easy pickings? Get the weakest link first to dwindle down our numbers? We have Pokemon, they are criminals. The only thing holding them back from shooting us at first sight are these Life Meters, and they're not exactly a life-line considering what will happen if the number drops down to zero."

    "You expect us to win? We can, we might, but not now. Have you seen what the organization can do? How can you be sure we can all survive once we meet them? There is a police force for a reason. We must focus on helping ourselves first before we can help others, otherwise you're just cannon fodder to them."