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    "Calm down, I’ll lecture him." Ryuu cordially and beamed as he kicked open the dorm door. "Solo! turn of that music! it's so loud that it can be heard in the school!"

    Scary… Kakusu thought as he returned the grin, unsure if the teacher would even notice although he didn’t know that the music was loud enough to be heard from the main building of the campus. Kakusu follow Ryuu without conviction as he heard the sound of running water nearby, no doubt a sign that this guy was the kind of person who probably sang in the shower and when he sang, everyone within a 3 miles radius would die have to grin and bear it.

    "Open that door! .... after you pulled on your clothes or uniform..." Ryuu hollered while he banged hard on the bathroom door. Ryuu stood tolerantly at the door until the running water came to a halt and soon afterwards the music followed. A groan came from the bathroom door as it opened and a agitated voice came from the boy who was on the other side.

    "Why the hell are you girls in my dorm--" the boy said before revoking his comment "Well, I stand by my comment.” He proceeded to rest on one leg, putting his mass on it and tapped the other with irritation.

    "So I can't enjoy myself for more than five minutes? You said something about a free day, why ruin it? Isn't it bad enough that I have to be /here/, let alone have to share my living space with some annoying kid, but now I can't even do the one thing that's actually relaxing? Oh, look, you brought company."

    "I don't suppose you're my roommate, are you? Top bunk's mine." He said, turning to face Kakusu and focused his attention on him.

    Kakusu looked at the boy with an apologetic look, feeling bad that this guy looked like he couldn’t get a break. Maybe it was a bad idea to have been so upfront about it but then again, Ryuu-sensei did seem to have come here of his own free will.

    Ryuu grabbed Solo after a one-sided comment and handled him with ease, manhandling him until the two were out of sight.

    “Sorry about that.” Kakusu said, not knowing why he was expressing regret but glad that the music was no longer damaging his ears. If he ever saw the boy again he would have to properly speak to him but at the same time, he didn’t want their next confrontation to be so… unpleasant.

    A flame appeared on his right hand that was by his side at the moment, caused by his sudden change of emotion. He returned to his dorm, flame still in hand but he was unaware of it as he used his left hand to close the door. As Kakusu turned from the door that he had just closed, he made a high yelp as a response to the noise he heard.

    “GAAAHHH.” The boy inside of his dorm yelled out along with a few other words that Kakusu didn’t manage to hear at all since his whole body was now enclosed in a body of flames.

    Kakusu didn’t scream at all out of pain because, although he wasn’t entirely flame resistant, the flames didn’t hurt him nearly as bad as it would a human. Still out of shock, he was caught off guard by the presence of another person in the same room as him and the fire wasn’t helping at all. He began to run around the room out of fear, smoke spread across half the room although it wasn’t very thick. With flames blocking his eyesight, Kakusu had control of the fact that he had dived out of the window that was still open. As soon as he was in mid-air, the flames began to retract into the palms of Kakusu’s hands.

    The feeling of no platform under his feet did nothing but scare Kakusu out of his wits as soon as he was about to regain them. To an observer, it looked like a person had been tossed out of the window. Kakusu did nothing but swing his arms in circles while in air until he landed with a thud on the ground and fainted for a few minutes.

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