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    The Fortune Cup

    My motto was, and is always: no prey, no pay. Now, it's your turn. Welcome kiddies to the first ever Fortune Cup, featured by myself, Miss Doronjo. This tournament is a bit different from the regular OU, or NU, or any other style of game play that you're used to - this tournament will test two things from you: your luck, and your ability to handle that luck. Most importantly, your playing to get the most fortune you can plunder. Read on to know more...

    About this Tournament
    • Post "in" if you want to join. The instant you join, you'll be given a team of eight randomized Pokemon via PM. Now here's the catch - these pokemon can be ANYTHING. That's right - from Caterpie to Raikou, and from Magikarp to Ho-oh. It all depends on how lucky you are, hehe.
    • When you get your 8 pokemon, you can create any movesets, as well as EVs, and items, as you want on them. During this tournament, you can use all 8 pokemon, but, please remember that for each battle, you are required to bring a full party of 6 pokemon.
    • This tournament has no eliminations. However, for each battle you'll be given points. You'll start with 0 coins. For each battle you win, you'll be given 10 coins. For each battle lost, you'll be given 5 coins. And yes, you're allowed to battle the same person more than once.
    • If you feel you don't have good pokemon on your team, don't fret - for each 3 battles you lose, you'll be given another randomized pokemon via PM for you to put in your team and create the moveset and item for it.
    • This tournament will run for 3 weeks. So, it'll run from January 24th to February 14th.
    • All of your total coins will be accumulated here!
    • From your accumulated coins, you may spend 5 to "purchase" a randomized pokemon for your team.
    • Also, there will be mini-events to obtain more coins! (or lose coins, haha.)
    • Be sure to keep track of all of your pokemon!
    • Keep in mind, the three people with the most coins wins!

    A more visual example...

    Just in case you didn't get all of that, here's an example. Let's say I joined this tournament, under my PS name, Miss Fortune. I will automatically be given 8 randomized pokemon (in case your wondering, this will be decided on a number generator, with a range between 1 and 649):

    Solrock — Registeel — Rayquaza — Pignite — Kirlia — Aipom — Happiny — Jellicent

    So now, I'll create the EVs, the movesets, and the item for each of these pokemon, and I'll create a team with 6 of these pokemon. So now, my team looks like this:

    Solrock — Registeel — Rayquaza — Jellicent — Happiny — Pignite

    And I'll put Kirlia and Aipom for reserve, in case I want to use them later. Now, let's say I get into a battle against Sivir. And let's say that I won that battle. I'd go back to this thread, and record my results.

    Won against Sivir, 5-0 (be sure to include the score)

    Because that I won that battle, I will get +10 coins for my coin total, and Sivir will still get +5 even though she lost. So now, the coin total looks like this:

    Miss Fortune: ¥10
    Sivir: ¥5

    I can immediately chose to battle against Sivir again if she wants to battle again. Let's say I won again. We record the results:

    Won against Sivir, 4-0
    Lost against Miss Fortune, 4-0

    And now the coin totals; again, for winning, I get 10 coins, and Sivir gets 5 for losing:

    Miss Fortune: ¥20
    Sivir: ¥10

    Now If Sivir loses just 1 more time, she automatically obtains a free randomized pokemon via PM; let's just say she did. She gets 5 more coins, and again, she gets a random pokemon via PM:

    278 - Wingull

    She can now put that Wingull in her party if she wants to, and make it whatever move set, EV, and item she wants to. Now, let's say that I want to use 5 coins to "purchase" a pokemon. All I have to do is state so in a PM for the tournament creator:

    I want to purchase a pokemon!

    So now, I'll be able to get a randomized pokemon over PM:

    520 - Tranquill

    Again, I can choose to put this pokemon in my party if I want to, or just save it, just in case. However, I have to be aware that this will cost me 5 coins. So now, the total amount of coins look like this:

    Miss Fortune: ¥15
    Sivir: ¥15

    But have you noticed? The totals are even now, despite Sivir losing 3 battles! So, keep in mind that you can't use this privilege willy nilly - you'd have to rely on your luck, and your strategy!

    So ultimately, if you noticed, the goal of this tournament is to do as much battles as possible, even though you'll probably lose, increasing your coin total.

    Tournament Rules
    • Post 'in' to join, but please read the tournament guidelines before you do.
    • All standard clauses apply, EXCEPT for species clause (because there IS a chance that you can get two of the same pokemon), as well as Uber clause, (because there is also a chance that you can get a Uber pokemon!)
    • Again, please be sure to record all of your battles - wins and losses, in this thread. It might be neater and easier for me to record it all, if you do this all in one post.
    • Again, this tourney will run for 3 weeks, from January 24th to February 14th. Be sure to get all your battles in before then!
    • PC Battle Server only.
    • Do not reveal your pokemon, outside of battles. It'll put you to an disadvantage!
    • Also, if you are in the tourney, do not watch another participant's battle. For fairness sake.
    • Good luck, and have fun! Have any questions? Feel free to ask in this thread!


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