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    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    Hm... from what I can see here...

    This means that the material is not set to "NITRO standard" format, it needs to be NITRO Standard format in order for it to be made into an .imd file. Click the Materials button, click the button where it says "Standard" and then select "NITRO Standard".

    This means that the name of the palette for the polygon is over 16 characters/letters, try shortening the name of the palette to 16 characters or below.

    This means that the texture used for the polygon is... like the title says, the name is over 16 characters/letters long. The name needs to be shortened.

    This means that you have too many matrices for the model itself, in this case... you have way too many over the limit. Try removing some matrices from the model.

    Now this warning tells me that your model has been made way too big, try making it smaller or something. 'Cause a Nintendo DS game can only support up to 2048 in total size.

    This means you haven't set any material for that polygon.

    Thanks, i havn't been on for a while now, and this is a great help!
    I will definitely credit you!
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