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    Originally Posted by Kingzamz
    ...I'm new here and looking for ome help desperately. Im running Des Emu 0.9.8 with white 2 but the 2nd rival battle at Flocessy Ranch won't activate and as a result i cannot advance in the game...
    By chance, you are used POKESAV over your battery file?. To be used without precaution corrupt some events (the case that you mention happened to me, while it was checking the compatibility). If was the case, I am afraid that the only thing that you can do is to begin again the game.

    PD: Does not exist a PokeSAV for BW2, but a few noticed, is possible use PokeSAV for BW1 over the battery file of BW2, and then "correct it" loading and saving in PokeGEN. Nevertheless, though seems work correctly, in fact, PokeSAV-BW introduces some not wanted changes that probably are not notorious immediately. Puf... the solution happens for doing a cumbersome correction... a guy known as GeminiPolux wrote a program to do, but it is only slightly amicable, though it works well (if you are an extreme fanatic of PokeSAV I can publish for you).
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