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    Originally Posted by RandomDSdevel View Post
    Couldn't those just be codenames? Not that they aren't cool; they're just very unconventional for the Pokémon series. Weren't 'precious metals' next after 'colors' because of the BW1/2 reset?
    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the official names and the names they will be upon release. Gold/Silver are also "colors" as well as Metals. Gen 2 cannot be called the "Precious metals" generation due to Crystal, which is a mineral. Gen 3 was all Gemstone/Birthstones. Gen 4 was 1 Metal, 1 Inorganic Mineral, and 1 Organic Mineral. Gen 5 were hues as Black and White are not colors themselves. They are known as Tints (lighteners) and Shades (darkeners).

    Really other than Gens 2 and 4, there aren't centered themes. And to keep with the discussion, there was no pattern set. They names just happened to come out like that. Yes B/W Reset the Pokemon world, but not the release or other unofficial patterns (almost all of them are broken thanks to B/W so it doesn't matter anyway.)

    The Reset was for the Meta Game and the "Pokemon World" in a sense. The Gameplay changed pretty drastically with B/W's addition of 3 new battle formats AND Hidden Abilities, not to mention B2W2's new Breeding system.

    Gen 6 is the "Evolution" series as they are to evolve what we have experienced with Pokemon to another level.

    With this evolution, its kinda hard to see us going backwards. Only time will tell, but we may have seen the last of Remakes for now. Maybe if they do something completely knew that breaks connection with Gen 5 in Gen 6 we'd be able to expect Gen 3 remakes.