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The 48 Hour Tourney

Participants can sign up now, and any time during the tournament and just set out to win. Hopefully a lot of regs can participate so that there's a lot of people to battle!!

What's this?
From 12am American EST (at the start of Saturday) to 12am American EST (at the start of Monday), you need to win as much battles as possible. To check the timezone for you, Google "world clock time" and you should find what you want. What tier? Any tier! LC, NU, RU, UU, OU, Randbats, Randbats doubles, VCG Doubles and Challenge Cup (Sorry hackmons and Cap doesn't count here). Just ask someone who has signed up to tourney to battle you and record it in your post - simple!

How to record
Won vs Woohoo :: NU
Won vs Wolf :: Randbats
Won vs Lala :: OU

And so on like that. Losses won't count against your score to not overcomplicate things (however be sure to include the losses in your post, to verify the other user did in fact win against you) - all you need to do is WIN, WIN, WIN!

1. Rainbow Arcanine
2. king_nick72
3. Gym Leader Jake
4. .Aero
5. Livewire
6. jellicentfan1
7. Wolflare
8. WeightyWillBill
9. Hyperbeem
10. Twihiki_Amias
11. HaiImNate
12. Urugamosu
13. Hikari10
14. synerjee
15. Cirno
16. AlexOzzyCake
17. BLOOOD-La-ti-
18. vaporeon7
19. Zupplu
20. Zet
21. Aryan143
22. glitchguy
23. Tackle
24. Forever
25. Icy Burn
26. tj4bigred
27. ForeverDash
28. Cid

~ Have fun.

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