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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    With this evolution, its kinda hard to see us going backwards. Only time will tell, but we may have seen the last of Remakes for now. Maybe if they do something completely knew that breaks connection with Gen 5 in Gen 6 we'd be able to expect Gen 3 remakes.
    I really hope this is the case, or else Gamefreak will have to make remakes of remakes in the future.

    Don't see why Hoenn would need a remake, it already started on a decent console like the GBA, unlike GSC which was on the old thing called the *ugh* GB.

    I personally thought Gamefreak handled the 5th gen very intelligently. They gave us two games with no old Pokémon before the end of the story mode, and then direct sequels of those games. The absence of remakes was the icing on the cake for a generation that puzzled many people, although, truth be told, 5th gen was more like Generation 4.5 IMO, so remakes were really unlikely to come out during this gen anyway.

    If they ever make an RSE remake it will be in 2014 which is the 10th anniversary of Emerald. Not likely, but possible.

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