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    Rating: Map by Crimson Stardust
    The whole thing looks really nice, I like the custom tiles everywhere and the greenery is placed very naturally for a small town. The only problem I have is with the building at the bottom right, it doesn't seem like it's being viewed from the same angle, like how the other houses you can see the tops of them at an angle, while this building you seem to be looking at head-on. Other than that, great map! 8/10

    My map:
    name: Pallet Town
    game: FR
    notes: I'm not trying to base this off of any kind of animated version/realistic depiction of Pallet Town, I just like the idea of having maps that are much bigger than their original size, while still being similar to the original in the game.
    The player's house is on the top left, the two top right houses are Blue's and Red's, along with Oak's lab in the corner.