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Girl's Dorm
A cloud hung over Ashling's head, as her footsteps padded across the school grounds like the thump of an elephant, her shoulders bearing the weight of every item she saw fit to bring to the Academy. Having barely managed to catch the end of the assembly, it was no surprise that Elene hadn't been around to help carry it all. Despite her training, she could not quite match the speed or strength of a Vampire, and the burden of two tapestries across her spine was unwelcome compared to the muscular wings she could have used to carry them swiftly and easily to her dorm-room. She didn't begrudge it, but it was rather a pain, especially given the odd looks that were shot in the way of the grunting woman.

The day was not all terrible, however, as even the wind that bit her cheeks was a reminder of the new beginning that the Youkai Academy would allow. Her residence felt somewhat dead, with halls of marble and shining floors that were meant to be occupied by many, but whose halls held only one family. This place would allow for opportunities, with hordes of strangers that she would be able to talk with, given the chance, and assuming they didn't remember her as the luggage-turtle from the preceding day. There was even a mall, where she would be able to purchase her own supplies for tapestry-weaving, and there was talk of clubs through which she would be able to spar with others.

The hallways of the girl's dorm were slightly confusing, with each corner requiring that she step aside to allow another passage, and a few awkward hellos with other friends of hers that had their own dormitories to fill with luggage, or a particularly difficult task that restrained their ability to aid. She didn't begrudge them their duties, and soon found her own path to the dorm-room that was marked with her name, and that one only. Even the other students had their full names listed on the front of the oaken doors, yet her roommate seemed to have only one name as well, for whatever reason. Perhaps they'd given it up to; that would be something to talk about.

With the door already opened, Ashling entered the room with somewhat lighter steps, barely aware of Eva sitting nearby on her bed until she'd set down the two rolled-up tapestries and three sets of suitcases. The tall teenager turned around to face them, her school uniform now not hidden by luggage and allowing her roommate to lay eyes upon her for the first time. The elegant empty sheath that hung from her waist was what she first suspected they would look at, but she'd assure them that there was no weapon there if they seemed worried.

"Hello." Ashling greeted her sitting roommate with a pleasant, but small, smile on her lips, as single slate eye looked them over. Skinny, with a generally meek posture and with her head buried in a book, telling the Succubus that her roommate seemed to be something of an academic, but perhaps without the rigorous social pressures that would force good posture. Perhaps they were enjoying it, and she was interrupting, but awkward silence was no compensation for a potential conversation. "I'm Ashling; just Ashling. I like your hair." It was bright blue and wrapped up in massive bundles; like two balls of yarn were stuck to the side of her head!
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