Thread: Development: Creating New Battle Animations
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    Okay, hopefully someone can help me with this:

    I'm trying to recreate the Elemental Fangs by using the particle from the punches with the bite animation. But I'm just not getting off the ground it as it all seems greek to me. I think I've found the offsets for the animations, but I can't even figure out where they end to remove and start testing them.

    Here are the offsets I came up with from the method described in the first post:

    Ice Punch: 1CD2e0

    Fire Punch: 1D08b5

    Bite: 1CE190
    I was looking to work on Ice Fang first, but I grabbed Fire Punch too so I could compare the two and see what the difference was (I assumed the difference would be the particles, as they two moves seem identical otherwise). Anyone willing to offer help and/or explain it like I'm five?
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