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Originally Posted by Jayster23 View Post
In Pokemon 2000 you see Misty chomping down some chicken, so i'm assuming Humans would eat pokemon because no other animals live in the world of pogeymanz.
And yeah as stated, dex entries say they eat other Pokemon and who knows. They might condone cannibalism in the world of Pokemon.
Animals do live in the world of... *cough*... Pogeymanz

Lol Sorry :D. Anyway, ya however they are only ever referenced, and never shown. Infact, they are generaly referenced when refering to food, perhaps because it could be seen as morbid to show the character eating pokemon.

I remember Ash, Misty, and brock (Or tracy, I forget) eating Muskrat on a stick, or something to that affect that was given to them by some lady in the woods..
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