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Originally Posted by Left 4 good View Post
Near Mint -

Pikachu Snap (old promo card)
Pikachu's Birthday (also old promo card)
Non-shadowless, base set, holo, Charizard/blastoise/Venusaur.

Also please answer my question
top 3 most valuable cards in "Boundaries Crossed" set and there prices in gem mint condition.
Pikachu Snap Promo (Black Star Promo 34): $2 to $4.
Birthday Pikachu: $10 to $15.
Charizard: $15 to $20.
Blastoise: $5 to $10.
Venusaur: $5 to $10.

That question is taking some research on a retailer's site to give me a starting point, since there are over 100 cards in the set.
Full Art Keldeo EX: $52.99 on Troll and Toad. eBay price listings are all over the map between $25 and $50, most frequently going for between $30 and $40.
Full Art Landorus EX: $37.99 on Troll and Toad. eBay listings generally selling between $27 and $33.
Keldeo EX: $34.99 on Troll and Toad. eBay listings generally selling between $25 and $30.

Bonus cards I did research on before spotting the above higher-priced cards.
Full Art Bianca: $27.99 on Troll and Toad, and most eBay listings that have sold have gone between $20 and $25, with the outliers generally being a few dollars higher.
Computer Search: $22.99 on Troll and Toad, with most eBay listings that have sold being between $15 and $20.

Other cards worth looking into are Full Art Skyla ($31.99), normal Skyla ($5.99) the rest of the Full Arts, the rest of the EX Pokemon, the Ace Specs, and Blastoise. All are at least $5.

Originally Posted by Lee5603 View Post
How much is it really worth?
(Mint Condition)
Dragons Exhaulted

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Mint condition what? I can't price it if I don't know what you're looking to have priced.
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