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Hello everyone. I've been working on a soundfont lately (you can kind of use it as a guideline if you want to replace the NDS pokemon music, or for your own mixing needs and what not). Anyway, it's the same instruments from Black and White 2. The spoilers will give you more info about it.

Download Link

Hear it in action!

Readme file
An all-in-one soundfont file with all the included instruments thus far. They adhere to the standard MIDI instrument patch numbers, including the drums. Available in both DLS and SF2 format. Also included are the individual instrument soundfonts.

Best results with this soundfont can be used with the BASSMIDI driver. Load the soundfont into the program, and hit apply. If you have any editing
programs open while you do this, you must close them and re-open. Make sure your MIDI editor is also mapped to the BASSMIDI driver.

There are still many instruments that are missing. If you'd like to help (and I'll accept it willingly!) email me at [email protected], or message me on youtube (username: Roman8707) and make a list of songs (only the Black, White and their sequels' exclusive songs) and instruments you hear in them. More specifically, I'd prefer the instruments that are missing from this current soundfont.

This spoiler is a list of instruments included.
000: Grand Piano
004: Rhodes Piano
005: Chorused Piano
009: Glockenspiel
010: Music Box
011: Vibraphone
012: Marimba
014: Tubular Bells
016: Hammond Organ
018: Rock Organ
021: Accordion
025: Steel Guitar
029: Overdriven Guitar
030: Distortion Guitar
032: Acoustic Bass
033: Fingered Bass
034: Picked Bass
035: Fretless Bass
038: Synth Bass 1
039: Synth Bass 2
040: Violin
042: Cello
045: Pizzicato Strings
046: Harp
047: Timpani
048: Strings
052: Choir Aahs
055: Orchestra Hit
056: Trumpet
057: Trombone
058: Tuba
060: French Horn
061: Brass Section
068: Oboe
071: Clarinet
073: Flute
078: Whistle
080: Square Lead
081: Saw Wave Lead
114: Steel Drums
119: Reverse Cymbal
Standard Percussion Kit (not complete)

I was pointed to this thread to post about my soundfont. Also, if you'd like to help to complete this soundfont, all that you need to do is give me a few songs that include the instruments which are missing from the soundfont. You can contact me via PM, or read the "readme" spoiler.