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Originally Posted by Puppeteer Mask View Post
...was the pokemon I missed Budew? I could have swore Budew was pure Grass, but I nonetheless had doubts.
Yup, I'll post a new quiz now. Congrats!

Originally Posted by Puppeteer Mask View Post
Edit: I couldn't help but notice that Cascoon isn't listed in the list of Poison type pokemon on the front page... not that I think anyone would particularly care, but wasn't it a poison type too?
Cascoon is pure Bug type, it doesn't gain the Poison typing until evolving. :)

Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
An interesting type combo i'd like to see though would be fire poison.(pay no attention that x4 ground weakness, water weakness, psychic weakness, and rock weakness plz)
Omg that would be awesome. It'd be the ultimate destruction machine :D Only problem I can see is that Fire and Poison are both types which when mixed together probably couldn't result in something cute... The only possible exception I'm thinking of is the potential evolution for Fennekin? But I don't think that'll actually become Poison haha. I just can't see two such destructive types mashing well together to create anything other than a monstrosity of a Pokémon. But I guess not everything has to be adorable, eh?

Anyway there's something I've been wanting to bring up for a while... WHAT IS THE CUTEST POISON TYPE POKÉMON? GOGOGOGOGOGO! :D

PS: New quiz is up!