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    Evan Lee Gildred

    Eva’s eyes glanced up from his book at the sudden appearance of what he only could assume was his roommate. He didn’t know why, but he had forgotten for a second that he would actually have a roommate. Of course, it made sense, it wasn’t like he was a special case or anything. Everyone had somebody they had to share with, and the boy masquerading as a girl was no exception. The only things that he could see of her at first were two fairly good sized, something or others. It took him a minute to think of the right word. Tapestries? Yes, that was it. And three sets of luggage which she set down after coming in fully. The first thing he noticed after that, was not her clothes, face or body, but the sheath that hung off her waist. What use did that serve? He looked at it inquisitively, his eyes peeking out just over the edges of his page. He would be lying if he didn’t admit it was a bit worrisome to have a roommate with such a predisposition to carrying weaponry.

    Without even realizing he had done so, he brought the book closer to his face, almost as if he was hiding behind it. But, one could only hide so long from someone they were going to be sharing a room with. The girl spoke up with a pleasant enough tone and smile. That was when Eva noticed her eyes, or, eye. What had happened to her? Surely that was what happened to you when one plays with swords. He tried his best not to stare and quickly averted his eyes to the floor space between them. His roommate continued on with her name. Ashling, she had said. It was a pretty name, he thought. In fact, she looked like an Ashling. He didn’t quite know why, she just did. Lost in thought, he almost didn’t hear what she had said about his hair, she liked it apparently. Eva’s petite right hand subconsciously ran to his head, pushing aside a loose strand that had fallen out of place. “Thanks,” he said meekly in almost a whisper.

    As soon as he finished saying that, he jumped from the bed with a start, smoothing his skirt and straightening his stockings. He didn’t realize until that moment how rude he had been. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be impolite...” He bowed and held it for a moment. “I just uh, tend to get lost in my books is all.” Eva straightened and looked up at the girl opposite him. She was taller, by a few inches at least. He was used to that by now, he was typically one of the smaller people in a room at any given moment. Clasping his hands in front of him, he tried his best to look her in the eye despite his discomfort at even attempting it.

    “I’m Eva; just Eva.” He smiled at her, copying her introduction from earlier in a most genteel manner. “I also owe you a proper thanks for the compliment,” he continued, his anxiety running a bit high. “I uh, keep it up like this when it’s hot. It’s really long and warm when I let it down.” Eva didn’t even know what he was saying at this point, he just started to ramble nervously. “I, uh, like your sword thingy!”
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