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Well, this is certainly unique. I think I'll apply for Omega, Amity, and Sunny, if that's alright with you.

Omega Silver (Omega) - male, age 30, full-blooded demon, evil, stylish, brooding

At age 30, Omega is one of the older siblings, and has been neglected more than the others. While this does bother him, he knows nothing he does will change his mother's ways, and spends his time mostly away from the others. He goes by his given name, and refuses to answer to any nicknames, despite some of his younger siblings calling him "Megs", a name he despises. Despite his borderline depressive habits, he truly enjoys being a demon, and dresses the part with impeccable style. His human form is tall and thin, dressed in a brown pinstripe suit with a dark red tie. He keeps his hair short and neatly styled, and always wears his black horn-rimmed glasses, despite obviously not needing them.

Amity Sparkle (Amity) - female, age 18, cambion, caring, creative, sweet

A rarity for a demon, Amity is a kind and loving girl. At age 18, she is firmly the middle child, but her motherly nature and sweet demeanor generally cause others to treat her like their cool big sister. Or they mercilessly pick on her for what they percieve as weakness. Amity doesn't mind, and lets her siblings treat her however they want. She still cares for them, but she won't tolerate the older siblings picking on the younger ones. It's one of the few ways to actually make her mad, and she gets scary when she's mad, but is easily forgiving. She is timid around humans, and rarely goes to Earth except to feed. Her hair is long and smooth, and she tends to dress conservatively, wearing a simple skirt and a sweater to hide her considerable assets, making her look more cute than sexy.

Sunflower Shine (Sunny) - female, age 26, full-blooded demon, evil, girly, ditzy

Being an evil demon who feeds on sleeping humans, "Sunny" is kind of a strange name. Even stranger is the girl who has the name. Sunny's mind might not be all there, but she genuinely doesn't care. She's flighty and impulsive, but hates doing things by herself. She'll almost always be in the company of one of her siblings, unless she wants to go wandering around Earth or Hell. If no one goes with her, she'll usually come back with wild tales of her "adventures", but usually she just goes and goofs off.
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