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I think it's safe to say that they aren't sticking to the 10th anniversary rule, it was a good opportunity for HGSS being the right timing, a new-ish console etc but to put another remake on the same handheld as the previous set of remakes would really go down well IMO.

I think it seems more logical to stick to the new handheld, new remake theory. We had the GBA and soon after we got FRLG, we then had the DS which was followed by HGSS, now that GBA games are incompatible with the 3DS and the fact that the 3DS is considered a new handheld, I think Ruby & Sapphire Remakes would fit in well around the 2014-2015 time slot following Pokemon X & Y. Comparing the GBA graphics with the 3DS graphics is similar to comparing GBC graphics to GBA graphics... they're due for an overhaul.

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