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Gau was hoping he wouldn't be drawn into a conversation so decided instead to remain silent, he knew he would go regardless, that's what his life was now and he was prepared to die for his purpose. He glanced at Willow and the newer arrivals trying to read their expressions but they were unusually blank. He was going to have to say something

"Surely you realise that some of us are going to die, it is something that we can't avoid. I'm prepared to die for this cause and anyone else undertaking it should be too. I'm going regardless but this early in our journey our best hope is to ambush whichever life-keeper as a team." Gau paused for a minute before adding "I barely know you guys but I'll die for you if it is necessary."

After that he was done. He had nothing else to add, all he could do is watch the others and see how they felt. He was hoping Julian would not strain his voice arguing any further, he assumed that was the reason for the obvious strain. Gau really didn't want to say any more on the matter and stepped backwards from the group, leaning lightly on the closest wall. He wondered how his Teddiursa would feel about his decision.


"Looks scary. But gentle hearted."