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Ryuu Higoroshi
Chapter 1: 3C's Homeroom teacher
Classroom 13

Ryuu sighed as Solo was going nuts and shouting in the classroom about how much he hated humans and what kind of whicked creatures they were, somehow Ryuu thought he was right. The humans hunted them away in a world that was meant for both species. But Ryuu also thought about the reason, which was their specie eating the human specie. Solo finally calmed down and was in the back of the classroom, resting his head on his arm. Seems like Solo had a hard past with humans, so he might kill attack Takumi once he found out Takumi is a human. This gave Ryuu and great idea, what if he made Solo Takumi's protector? Solo might not be able to beat the Vampires Nami and Elene, but he can try to keep them from drinking Takumi's blood, for now Nami was the biggest treat to him. It could also show Solo that humans aren't as bad as he think, sure... their ancestors made a terrible mistake, but the new generations aren't supposed to be victims for what happened 513 years ago.

But then Ryuu reconsidered his idea, Solo will probably attack Takumi the moment Takumi's secret is revealed. Ryuu just wanted to keep those blood-drinking monsters away from this poor human, Vampire... blood-drinking witches they were... They are very beautiful creatures... but with an evil mind, get close to one and you can arrange your funeral...

"Please sit down where I placed you, don't say anything, don't do anything, just sit." Ryuu said with a very dominant voice. "You need a break from those fangirls." Ryuu said as he started reading a book that said "Youkai Histories". He started reading to prepare his lesson for tomorrow. "Let's teach them about Siren, Vampire, Onimidoki and... Snowman and Woman." Ryuu made up his mind. he choosed for two known Youkai's and two unknown Youkai's. He choosed for Vampire to warn the human among them and the Snowman because they were rather interesting.

Ryuu glanced up at Solo and trew a candy over to him. "Cheer up, most of us had bad experiences with humans." Ryuu smiled at him, something he wouldn't had expected from hisself but he somehow felt forced to do it. Ryuu took a candy himself and putted his book away to get the forms of his students out a drawer near him, he saw Solo's age and saw there was not much age difference.

Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
Chapter 1: The roommate
Dorm room

Marilyn Elene Merlin was her name... "Nice name." Nami said shortly. Elene said something about practising music whenever she could and that if she was allowed to do this near her she could make use of her computer systems. "Sounds like a nice deal." Nami answered with a thoughtfull expression on her face. She actually liked violin music since it was so calming and chimed so majestic. "I don't mind if you play violin when i'm in the room, atleast... i don't mind unless you're pretty bad at it." Nami was in her Vampire form so she could come over a bit more rudely than usual, but while she said that she took a good look of Elene and smiled warmly at the fellow Vampire. "But looking at you gives me confidence that you're pretty good, so sure, play whenever you want." Nami walked over to the bed that didn't seem to be in use and sat down on it.

"I think i'm pretty fortunate for having a fellow Vampire as my roommate," She brushed through her hair for a brief moment just because it was so silky and felt nice. "It would've been troubling if you weren't, i wouldn't be able to walk around like this." Nami smiled as she layed down on the pretty comfortable bed. But reminded herself of the stuff she had brought with her and stood up again to move the few bags to her side of the bed. She only had brought clothes with her since she didn't had much stuff.

Nami remembered what her brother had said before they were seperated by Nami's leave to the Academy. Prepare, because i'll be visiting you sometime. Nami heard his voice clearly in her head. She grabbed the Rosary around her neck and glanced at it for a few seconds, it made her wonder if Elene also had a Rosary but she couldn't find one attached to her for now. "Do you have a Rosary?" Nami asked her roommate with a somehow gentle voice. She took a view at some clothes she wanted to wear for the rest of the day, but since the day was coming to an end she decided she would pull it on tomorrow after school.

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