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    I understand where you are coming from. What I meant by "winning tournaments" is a good chance of being competitive. Coin flips are best to be avoided in most cases. The only time it is used as strategy is mainly with "Crushing Hammer" to discard energy from the opponent, trying to attempt paralysis or using "Super scoop up".
    The reason why they added coin flips to these discarding energy or picking up your Pokemon cards is due to balance. The luck factor of getting a discarded energy is balance in comparison to previous formats which "Energy removal" just ran wild and prevented people from using attacks.
    The same as just casually picking up a Pokemon with tonnes of energy and then just resetting the damage done to it, is pretty...harsh to the opponent.

    If you are using Pokemon that have coin flip attacks, you can use Vicitini ! Also known as

    This guy allows you to re-flip coin attacks which allow you to give you a better chance of getting "heads". He is also a fairly cheap Pokemon to pick up on the secondary market (eBay, Pokemon traders/sellers)
    The downside is that he takes up bench space and is easily KO-ed by Darkrai EX Night spear snipes for 30 damage to the bench.
    In terms of the meta-game, coin flip strategies have never worked out well due to EX Pokemon just running wild in the scene and killing these poor support Pokemon.
    As well as the addition of "Pokemon Catcher" which can bring up any Pokemon from the bench to the active, means you're less likely to evolve your Pokemon all the time.
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