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Originally Posted by WolfMirage View Post
thank u PlatinumDude for the advice

i would like to create a team for each of the weather effects users. im stuck on a rainy day team, for a rainy day team should i add Politoed for its drizzy ability or just teach one the pokes a rain making move

and so far for the ice team i have chossen abomasnow, vanillish and i was thinking maybe metagross
In the future, just edit your post. The reason why your posts got merged was because of the double-posting rule (I guess).

Politoed is pretty much essential for a Rain team, due to its Drizzle ability. However, in simulators, Swift Swim + Drizzle is banned because of how overpowered that combo was back in the day. There's nothing wrong with that combo over at Wi-Fi, though.

Vanilluxe isn't good in standard play because of its extremely shallow offensive movepool. Walrein is better suited on a hail team for its ability to stall things out:
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