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    SOLO the LYCAN
    The Classroom

    Chapter One: Part Six
    Reluctant Beginnings

    Solo sighed, saying practically nothing and just sitting in one of the chairs, resting his head on top of crossed arms over the desk. However, it was the teacher's next words that seemed to agitate him again. "Bad experiences? You have no idea, man..." His attention went downward, to the bloody-tooth necklace he wore around his neck. "They're selfish, ignorant beings. Cruel and heartless. And they call us the monsters." His fist clenched slightly, though his voice was somber. "It doesn't matter... Nothing matters. Nothing but survival."

    He looked up to see the teacher reading some paper. He could somewhat see the ink from the backside, and realized that it was about him. "Hey, lemme see that." Without waiting for a yes or no, he levitated the paper up, and then over to his desk. He examined it for a few moments. "Name... Solo. Age... Nineteen... Race, Lycan... Huh... Not very much information. Good, that's how I like it." He shook his head and just sent the paper back to the teacher. "The less people know, the better." He glanced outside silently. The tail behind him shifted slightly, as he seemed to get lost in thought.

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