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Originally Posted by jellicentfan1 View Post
oooh yes Commday! The last one was my first one and I enjoyed it so much:) This one sounds like it will be so fun! Will we be doing a spring seasonal randbat tourney? The winter wonderland tourney was very fun!
It's a possibility if Smogon makes a more recent Seasonal Ladder metagame, but they haven't so far.

Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
Wow! This will be great. I also recommend having a doubles and UU tourney.
What type of doubles would you like? VGC, Randbats, Smogon?

I will definately join because I will receive a gold emblem considering that I was there at the 2 last Community Days.
Actually, all of the previous Community Days will only provide you a bronze emblem. So, if you participate in this Community Day, you will get silver. The reason for this is that I don't have proof on who participated in all of the previous Community Days. There are the participant lists, but most people didn't bother posting if they already had the emblem from a previous Community Day.