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Hey there!

I have no idea how this thread got so far down the list without anyone commenting! I'm so sorry! ;; Unfortunately, I'm not qualified at all to critique graphics. I just started my first tag last night! @[email protected]; So I'm not going to have much of value to say, but let's see.

The best I can do is compare this to this, since they kind of have the same subject matter and appear to have similar effects. Now, it could just be the positioning, but I believe that this one looks a bit better. To me, it seems like it has more three dimensional and believable elements to it. The gun looks like it's coming towards me as opposed to this tag where the gun seems a little flat against the character. Both looks pretty awesome though!

I really like some of your color choices. This one, I think, has really great colors.. but the quality of the image seems to be a bit blurry so it's a little hard to see. Other than that, I really have nothing else in terms of "a critique" to say. I can say, however, that you're not an amateur, are you? Because to me, it looks like you've been doing this for a while. c: I really like how a lot of these came out, and I hope you continue to post more!

Well done!

: I swear I just have a smudge on my screen or something ;(
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