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I loved those books where you could choose your own adventure...esepcially the Goosebump ones. So I thought, why not combine it with a game that's perfect for that? Thus thread born.

Also with tags like (RANDOM EVENT!) I will roll a die from 1 - 20, and the number that I get will determine the success.

Oh and have fun. Or a small Fennekin will tear you up.

Pallet Town

Starting Scenario:
You are Red, of Pallet Town. Today is your tenth birthday, so it's time to get a Pokemon from Prof. Oak. He said he would be waiting outside for you, but you go outside and don't see Prof. Oak--anywhere! With no adult supervision, you have a few choices. So you ask the people through that brick wall over there that you can see. Pallet Town's pretty small. The only places you could really go is Daisy's (Gary says it's his but it's really not) House and Prof. Oak's Lab...

You could also go adventuring--with No Pokemon. ()
1) Leave the town through the Northernbound Exit. Time to do some searching! Even though all the warnings about tall grass is probably true..
2) Visit Daisy. Maybe she knows where Prof. Oak is.
3) Visit Prof. Oak's Lab. Maybe Oak got tired of waiting and went back to his lab. He is like 60 after all.
4) Try jumping over the hilariously small fence. (RANDOM EVENT!) Exactly what it says on the tin. That fence is no fence, it's a mini fence! There's a chance of failure, though. But if you succeed, maybe you could swim to Cinnabar! Woohoo!


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