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    Finished up the Eeveelutions - I leveled them all to at least 25, since they pick up STAB moves there. Just scared up Audinos on Route 16 - it only took about 1 for each level. Vaporeon and Jolteon were already past lvl 25 anyway, so it was just the other three. Did one last round of daily stuff - grottoes, casteliacones, Persephone, the Heart Scale lady, that sort of stuff - then put together a team for Chargestone Cave. Went in initially with one slot open, so I could catch and look at stuff, so I had Trapinch, Leavanny (for False Swipe), Krokorok, Jolteon and Crobat (for Flying back later). Spent a while getting a Timid Joltik and a Relaxed Ferrothorn (I wasn't originally looking for Relaxed, but after I caught it, I considered it and decided that'd be fine) and some Klink or another (not going to evolve it so it doesn't matter). Didn't see a Tynamo, though I didn't much expect to. Surprised to see a Nosepass and went ahead and caught it. Then flew back to the PC. I figured I'd catch any Tynamo I saw, so I didn't really need the extra slot, and it was time to go through the cave and fight the trainers and such. Went in with Trapinch, Krokorok, Crobat, Leavanny, Growlithe and Jolteon. Mostly Trapinch, switched Growlithe in on Ferrothorns and Leavanny in on Drilburs and such. It was a nice trip, all things considered - the team worked well together and the trainers were just the right amount of challenge. Trapinch evolved along the way (which is great, since Vibrava is one of my all-time favorites), and after a bit of backing and forthing, I found and caught a Tynamo on the lowest level. And eventually we arrived in Mistralton. Went around the town and talked to everyone, then tried to figure out what I wanted to do next. Looked up Nosepass, since I've never actually used one, and saw the note to "level up in Chargestone Cave" to evolve it to Probopass, and suddenly remembered that I'd meant to do that with Magneton too, so I took them back in and ground them a bit and leveled and evolved them, and I'm actually planning on taking both of them into Skyla's gym, so that worked out. And that's where I am right now. I'm going to put together a battle team and go all around Route 7, then probably put together a more specialized team and go through Celestial Tower before I do Skyla's gym.