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    Well, well, well! Look what I've dug up!

    Three of these babies~! And I'm giving them to you!

    I see that ya'll are battling hard, but if you want, take a moment and take a look at this! This is your chance to make yourself even RICHER! You see, I have three treasure chests here; let's call them Treasure Chest A, Treasure Chest B, and Treasure Chest C respectively. Now, since I'm feelin' generous, you all get to have one key. Now, with they key, you are allowed to open one of these chests, and have the goodies inside!

    One of these chests contains a Jackpot of coins!

    The other two? Well, the other two contain special... "friends" of mine. One of them is really nice! The other? Well, it won't be as nice. In fact, it can make you quite miserable.

    Well anyway, if you want, choose your choice of chest A, B, or C, and PM me your choice! Your selections will be revealed soon!

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