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    Originally Posted by Uchiha00006 View Post
    Metalynx (level 37)
    Tanscure (level 36)
    Palij (level 35)
    Gaslug (level 30) (Just caught him, he's great! Training him up.)
    Quetzoral (level 28, freshly caught)
    Barewel (Nicknamed TROLL)(Hm Slave)(Level 10)

    EDIT: I managed copy the info on the pop-up window that appears when the game freezes.. maybe it'll help with identifying the problem? I think you're right though, I'll try playing on a different computer.

    Pokemon Uranium
    Exception: NoMethodError
    Message: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
    PokemonPhoneinin `pbRandomPhoneTrainer'
    PokemonPhone:6:in `each'
    PokemonPhone:6:in `pbRandomPhoneTrainer'
    PokemonPhone:174:in `call'
    PBEvent:54:in `trigger'
    PBEvent:49:in `each'
    PBEvent:49:in `trigger'
    Scene_Map:59:in `updateSpritesets'
    Scene_Map:115:in `update'
    im new to the forum, but ive been playing 3.0 for 6 hours straight and i LOVE it. i stopped playing pokemon YEARS ago but when i did i was obsessed lol. and just recently i saw on tumblr a post about uranium and i thought i would try it out. and it is amazing. the fakemon, the story, everything. but i recently ran into the SAME error messege on mine. but i was just walking into the pokecenter when it happened. the only guess i can come up with is it has to do with my phone? im not sure if that would make sense. it randomly happened. ive also been taking screenshots of any bugs or tiny problems ive had. but as of right now i cant play because everytime i try to open my saved game, i get that error messege. and after i exit the messege i cant move my character and no buttons work. but the music keeps playing. i really dont wanna start over XD i already got 2 badges and im lazy. lol
    P.S not sure if you need it but im almost always free and ive messed around with sprites a tiny bit so if you need any help at all just email me or something. [email protected] im willing to do anything you may need. the game is freaking awesome i love it. keep up the awesome work.
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