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    Originally Posted by WolfMirage View Post
    heres my thoughts for my ice team abomasnow, walrein, froslass and cloyster.

    do u think kyurem or metagross may be godd chioces for this team
    Are you going for a ice mono team & one Wild Card? Well, yeah, Kyurem or Metagross would be okay.

    I'd also recommend Mamoswine, He's great with his high Atk and considerable bulk, and he's also the only Fully-evolved Ice that learns Stealth Rock IIRC. Plus, fire pokemon would have to think twice if they don't want to eat an Earthquake. You can chose that over Walrein, siiiince tbh, I see that Walrein might slow down the pace of your team. But, it's up to you on what you wanna do~!

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