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Originally Posted by vapes View Post
Okay thanks!
Now for Alakazam, I have a Timid natured one with Choice Specs with the moves Psychic, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, and Shadow Ball. It's IV's are

20 HP/20 Atk/21 Def/20 SP Atk/20 SP Def/ 31 Speed

Now, should I rebreed to get a higher SP ATK (which will take a while, and is tedious) or should I keep this one? I mean how much of a different is the 11 missing IV's?
Well, if you have a Timid Alakazam with 20 SP Atk IVs, you'll be looking at about ~358 SP Attack at level 100. With Choice Specs that will be about 537 SP Atk.

Timid Alakazams with a full 31 SP Atk IVs will have about 369 Sp Atk so you'll be losing at about 11 stats in it's Sp Atk (369-358). Battle wise? It may not make too much of a difference if you have Hazards up anyway~

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