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Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
Most recording programs like CamStudio and the like should be able to record your system sound and input from a microphone on separate channels perfectly fine
This is normally the case, however, none of my computers have a functioning Line In. so I needed to get something to remedy that problem. I found a really small Behringer sound mixer that I can use via USB and I can do a proper mix for audio at the same time. (A regular sound card for my computer would have cost roughly the same as what I paid for the mixer anyway and the Mixer is portable so I could do a live shoot for Gamestop events if I wanted to).

But at the current time, I can record from the game just fine, it's the Mic I'm still waiting for from my friend. I should be able to get my first real video up next week to do the Keldeo event on my Black 2 version.
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