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I never used it in FR/LG (I know you didn't ask, but that was the first time I saw one). I'd just hatch it and put it straight in the PC. In HG, I decided to go ahead and use it, since the one I got was particularly good and it was sort of early in the game and I just wanted to see what Togetic was like. I never regretted it, and make it a point now to get one and level and evolve it every chance I get. I've got a really nice Modest Serene Grace Togetic in Platinum that's going to become a Togekiss at some point (I really need to get back to my Platinum...) and caught a Togepi in White Forest that I'm in the process of leveling up, and I'm already looking forward to the point when I can get one out of Yancy in B2.
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