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    Originally Posted by Went View Post
    North Korea survives because a) China gives them political support and, more importantly, fuel and materials so they can live in houses with lighbulbs instead of in caves with bonfires and b) the US give them food (so they don't starve as often) in exchange for "good behaviour".

    Obviously, North Koreans can be as indoctrinated as you want (which is easy if you start brainwashing all your citizens from day one), and their leaders may be crazy commies, but they certainly aren't insane. If they attack China, they'll be invaded in a matter of hours. If they attack a random third country, the US will cut down on food supplies and the Chinese would have it harder to support them at the UN. And if they attack the US or any of their allies, they know they'll wiped out of existence before lunchtime. As with Iran, when you are given a country to take care of, it's much less likely that you'll try to attack a giant than if you are a free-roaming terrorist, detached from all and any responsibilities. And since North Korea has no random countries around them they could possibly attack without making too much of a fuss, chances are they will never attack anybody.

    In other words, as Scarfy said, this is just a shout for attention, a "hey, I'm here and I'm strong APPEASE ME OR I CAN DO BAD THINGS RAWR". Nothing more.
    To further add on to your post, Went, a really good way to shut these people up is for the US to work with China to deprive the North Koreans of their essential goods. If they keep threatening everybody around here, we'll be saying, "Let's see if you can do anything to the world around you with only Stone-Age technology!"

    Really, the North Koreans need to be reminded about who's sitting in the big boy's chair, not them, but us.
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