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Name: Eeveelution Co-Ordinator
Partner Pokemon: Fang the Bidoof, Eon the Eevee (Other slot open for reasons you'l see later on in this post.
Reason for Joining: Normal types are only weak to ONE TYPE, and can learn LOADS of other type moves (and my some of my favourite pokemon lie in this Type grouping)
Answer the current topic: I choose Bidoof as when I was playing through my first Main Series game of Pokemon (Diamond) I thought it was just so darn cute, but didn't catch t. In a later re-play of the game, I found it to be the strongest Pokemon I'd caught that early in game, but that honour is no shared with my Sewaddle (now a Leavanny). For Eevee, well I just love EEVEE!!!! They have many evolutions so very interesting to train them all.
Favourite Normal Type Move: Metronome

Oh and how come there are no Gen V pokemon? (My poor, lovely Watchog...)

White 2: