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    Originally Posted by Kharneth View Post
    This hack seems, no, it IS awesome. I really love the music, the new Arcanine types and Fearow types. The only bug I've encountered is that my Growlithe's sprite doesn't show up in-battle or if I just check him out from the "Pokemon" tab in my inventory. Other than that, keep up the great job!
    Sorry pal, but as Kirby pointed out, this is not a hack, but instead, is a fan game. Thank you for your support though :3
    and thanks for the report, someone else mentioned it to me earlier, but its good to know haha

    Originally Posted by WinterKirby View Post

    Oh god.

    The transition from tile to wood is terrible. It would be far better to make them separate floors. And there's way too much empty space, especially behind the right counter. Sixteen tiles? There should be 2-3 tiles back there, since it appears to function as nothing but a gate. 5-6 tiles max. Too much space makes a map look empty, and if you try to fill it, it becomes terribly cluttered. As for the left counter, since there's a PC behind it, I assume the player will be able to walk around back there. So that being the case, the player should also be able to talk to the information guide from the other side of the counter, so it should be only 1 tile tall. You're also trying to make a corner on a wall style that doesn't have the tiles to do it. Instead, just use the black squares. It's much simpler, and more aesthetically pleasing.


    Sorry for ranting.

    I took a semester of interior design, plus I've been playing Sims since I first started using a computer.
    now onto you >.<
    for one, i love plants and my maps reflect that... >.>
    and I get what your saying about too much space, I can fix that, but you really didnt like the transition? D: i thought it was cool and made a threshold kind of thing >.>
    and i thought if I used black it would make it look choppy

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