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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
Want to learn sexy background technique! ;_;

Also, how will the Pokemon we have now and collect later develop moves wise? You've identified that we'll stumble upon TMs but can they learn move tutor or additional egg moves as well? And how about starting moves for evolved Pokemon that are only accessible by relearning forgotten moves in the games?
There will be tutors in some chapters and maybe if you make really really good capture posts (I mean amazing) or get a pokémon in some special way in a chapter, it'll be able to have an egg move when I present its moveset to you.

Capturing pokémon, I've left completely open for you, so the thing I put up as a challenge will be to have to follow the moves that I give to the pokémon upon capture or leveling up ;) Wouldn't be fun if you controlled everything by yourself, would it~?

Originally Posted by Sir Bastian View Post
Well, darnit. This RP looked like a ton of fun, but with the full player count -and- Ninjadude grabbing my Quilava before I got to make a post here, I suppose that's it :P Although, if a spot opens up, and the Quilava isn't snatched away, give me a poke and I'm here in a heartbeat.

Originally Posted by Sovereign. View Post
Will probably have the RP Sample up by later today, after I finish this math homework... I had such a difficult time trying to figure out what type of character to make. Snobby? Shy? Sophisticated? Other various S words? Eventually I settled on Milo >___>

Ah well. Should be good enough to develop and have some fun with.

I know ~ I don't know who did it (found through image search...) but it is perfect. Narrow, but perfect. Hilbert is so photogenic... xD
Looking forward to reading your RP sample!

Yes, indeed. I initially reserved him for myself but I figured the BW2 character fit the personality I had in mind better ^^

Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
I'm probably going to recycle Madalyn Martinez (the character I made in MAO, since I didn't flesh her out as much then) and just work on my RP sample today or tomorrow. Should have it by then. :D
Lovely, can't wait!

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