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    "GOD FREAKING DANG IT!" Xavier stomped his foot in rage. All of theses damned interruptions were driving a certain man of science crazy. Xavier to be exact. He released Bulls-Eye and his new Rhyhorn, which he healed quickly. "BRING IT ON! LET'S GO GUYS! KEEP FIGHTING! NO RULES!" The X-Team launched into action.

    Zed began to launch various Water Pulses into the swarm of Beedrills. Ten Beedrills fell to his blasts. Stark flitted throughout their ranks spraying Dragonbreath in every direction he could. Nine more fell. Clay fired a powerful Hyper Beam straight into the crowd on them. Before it hit, the swarm scattered and only four took the beam, despite the power of the blast. When they regathered, a raging Bull's-Eye tore right through the middle of them, taking out ten more. The new Rhyhorn chased down multiple more, but the remaining ones flew off. There was another swarm coming. There was no time to lose. "COME IN GUYS!" He shouted and the team turned and ran.
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