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    Millicent Kaiko
    Milly mockingly frowned when he began to laugh about racing her. “Count yourself lucky, I was holding back” she said with a flat expression on her face. It didn't last long however, as when the last word tumbled over her tongue she winked. “it was a good race. But just wait till we have a re match” she giggled.

    However, her girlish giggle was cut short when Sorae moved on to the next subject. Her mouth straightened to a pink line as her eyes focused on his hand which moved up and straightened his band, at which point a jolt of guilt shot through her heart.

    did he see me staring before? Oh my gosh, he did didn’t he? Did he think I was judging him? No! I didn't mean too..

    Looking away suddenly, she focused her eyes on something else, as if this would make up for the fact that she had stared. “a yasha?” she repeated, smiling shyly, somewhat out of guilt. “that’s really amazing! I have always wanted to meet one and well here you are!” she grinned, still looking everywhere but Sorae. She felt so cruel for being curious.
    But when the boy continued, his tone lightening slightly as he moved of the tender subject of what Youkai they each were, Milly glanced back. It was true, the sky over head was now more purple and black, and evening star had just appeared.

    “the moon will be out soon.” Milly said, her voice suddenly becoming dreamy as she realised the time, her pale gaze set on the one, pin prick of silver light which hung low on the horizon, “it’s a perfect night too, not a cloud in the sky.” She continued, before she suddenly realised she was being weird in front of new company. Quickly tearing her gaze away from the sky above, she shot a nervous smile in Sorae’s direction.

    “yeah we should probably go.” When Milly said this, her voice turned quiet, as a red flush took over her cheeks. She had been so silly to get moon crazed in front of new people. “I’m gonna go grab a shower and get changed. Then we can head back to dorms.” Her face was fixed to the water’s surface, while in a pathetic, non-effective attempt to cover her red cheeks; she pulled some of her hair across her face. “I’ll see you in a few.”

    With that she then twisted in the water and swam to the edge of the pool in a few easy strokes. At the edge she heaved herself up and out into the open air. Here the chilled night air nipped at her skin, causing her skin to shiver under it’s new touch and making her to pull her arms up around in a hug for warmth.

    “I’ll see you in a few!” she said over her shoulder as she moved to walk back to the changing rooms.

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