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Name : Nath

Age : 15

Gender : male

History ( 1-2 paragraphs ) : was once in team plasma but quit later on after losing his pokemon to a youngster. Hen therefore swore that he would become stronger but kept his true identity to himself.

Appearance ( 1-2 paragraphs ) : Light blue hair and a young facial complexion. His hair is wild and messy and he wears a yellow bodywarmer over a blue t-shirt. He only wears tracksuit bottoms and doesnt like jeans

Starter Pokemon. : Snivy

Legendary Pokemon: Shadow Latias

Nath grunted as he watched the lab being attacked, and watched the trainers, one by one, helping out with their new pokemon. He wanted nothing to do with them and was too focused on getting one for himself.

He ran over to the lab slyly, but not noticeable in all the scurry. With is most innocent voice he asked
"I want to elp with the most ignorant pokemon there is!" At first Juniper was confused.
"To er, train it and make it better! a challenge"
She didn't say much apart from "but wait-" but Nath slipped away in the smoke.

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