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    Michael walked away from the sulking Ned with a self-satisfied look on his face. "That's right. I am the very best dancer. No damn doubt." He grinned and nodded to the mob of impressed ladies behind him and flashed his 'Read 'em and weep' look. One of them screamed in a fan-girlish way. I'm almost as popular as that Solo guy. Solo had all the babes...damned Lycans stealin' a Tengu's feast of babes. "If any of you need me, I'll be in the courtyard." He winked and strolled out of the building.

    As he entered the courtyard, Michael nodded at the passing students. Life was good in the academy. I'm the best dancer, the handsomest, and it's just beginning. Parties were around the bend. Parties meant dancing. Dancing meant impressing the babes. Impressing the babes meant getting some action. Michael enjoys getting some action.
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