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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    now onto you >.<
    for one, i love plants and my maps reflect that... >.>
    and I get what your saying about too much space, I can fix that, but you really didnt like the transition? D: i thought it was cool and made a threshold kind of thing >.>
    and i thought if I used black it would make it look choppy
    Well, it's not that you have plants that bothers me. It's the fact that they're never aligned proplerly. Just like the dilemma with your Pokécenter/Mart. They've always got to be on the same row.

    The transition between metal and wood is too abrupt. There needs to be some kind of a barrier. Ever notice in real life, when a floor goes from carpet to wood, it has that wooden or metal ridge. I can't actually remember the name of it, but it smooths the edge of the hard tile and makes for a more pleasing transition.

    As for the black, it in no way is choppy. As a matter of fact, it shows that you're using it on the southern wall already. And it should also be on the other walls, but it's not shown in the image.
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